5th World Sinophone Drama Competition for Young Playwrights Award Ceremony & Play-Reading Festival


Place CloudTheatre Taiwan

首獎作品 First Prize
Sparrows that live on (Fear)
劇作家 / Alastor CHOW
Hong Kong


2021/7/16 Fri. 19:30


CloudTheatre Taiwan


HSU Yen-Ling

A dead sparrow was found in a warehouse, reminding the workers of a horror urban tale, and they are not the only one being messed up. Somewhere in the city, a man is forced to disown his sister, while a mother becomes a victim of domestic violence. A second-handed bookstore owner is making a tough decision and a Kendo apprentice is trapped in a fight with her master.

As the five performers leap among more than a dozen of roles, fear grows within everyone until the sun rises. The work is inspired by Roland Schimmelpfennig’s Der Goldene Drache.



Playwright: Alastor CHOW

Post-90s Hongkonger, graduated from HKUST majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Have been participating in professional and community productions under various positions, including playwright and producer. Currently a freelancer.



Dramaturg: Cheng-Han WU

Cheng-Han Wu is a dramaturg, playwright, and theatre critic. He has served as dramaturg for over 50 productions and new plays, including Tropical Angels the Musical (Taichung National Theater), Love and Information (National Taiwan University), Measures Taken (Taipei National University of the Arts), Mulan the Musical (Studio M & Tainaner Ensemble), Teahouse (Shanghai Theatre Academy), The Piano Lesson (Yale Repertory Theatre), Angels in America (Yale School of Drama). He is a member of Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas. He has also translated many plays into Mandarin, including August: Osage County and Wit. His English translation of the Taiwanese playwright Wei-Jan Chi’s Playing the Violin has been invited for a staged reading hosted by Lark Play Development Center and Signature Theatre in NYC. His plays won Top Prize for New Taipei City Literature Award for Drama and Taipei Literature Award for Drama. Currently, he teaches dramaturgy at National Taiwan University, organizes the Musical Theatre Writing Program at Taipei Performing Arts Center, and also serves as Regional Managing Editor for The Theatre Times. He received his MFA in Dramaturgy and Dramatic Criticism from Yale School of Drama.



Director: HSU Yen-Ling

Hsu Yen-Ling has developed her career in various domains that represent the wide range of her talents and skills. As one of the founders of the theater company “Shakespeare’s Wild Sisters Group,” she has developed a multiple activity. Well known as an actor on stage, Hsu has also a broad activity as director and writer, and teaches at the Department of Theatre Arts at Chinese Culture University in Taiwan. She was rewarded by The Golden Bell Award, the Asian Cultural Council, and the Taishin Arts Award.



Creative Team: Department of Theatre Arts at Chinese Culture University

The Department of Theater Arts is one of the first 15 departments established by Chinese Culture University in 1963 , and is the first in the history of higher education in Taiwan. At the beginning of its establishment, we uphold the founding spirit and philosophy of promoting Chinese culture, importing Western culture, integrating old and new, and communicating things; Considering the limited reality of the employment market in theater practice, the talents trained, in addition to drama expertise and skills, are also involved in film and television and other related fields, with a view to meeting the needs of the diversified society and the rapidly changing development situation and the ecological environment of arts and culture.

貳獎作品 Second Prize
Memoirs of Outlaws
劇作家 / KUO Chen Wei
Taoyuan, TAIWAN


2021/7/17 Sat. 19:30


CloudTheatre Taiwan


Shih-Hue TU

The writing is adapted from a series of true events of the unregistered households’ situation in Taiwan, which the topic of “Who am I?” impenetrate throughout as the core problem of the writing. The issue of identity and recognition is being discussed through the dialectics of identity card, by the role of an unidentified Taiwanese and an illegal overseas Chinese. It links the issue with the uncertainty of Taiwan’s international status, matching up with the self-identity of Taiwanese, emphasizing the inconsistent and absurdity of the real world. The writing is characterized by its strong rhythm, the form of switchover between narrative and acting, and the interpretation of othering by using puppetry.

The story starts with a vocational high school teenager, whose parents were divorced since childhood. He was asked to make a change of his guardianship after the death of his father caused by heart attack. He later found out that his biological mother is unexpectedly someone else, which has questioned him of his own identity. Later, he met another teenager who was being hunted for her illegal national identity while searching for his mother. In order to save her, they unfold a series of getaway. They didn’t expect that the police were in hot pursuit of them. Suddenly, a van break through the round-up and saved them. Meanwhile, the military police have called out the superior armed forces, which got the van surrounded and trapped on the Taipei Bridge. The cold sound of counting down has released through the loudspeaker, he could only watch helplessly as the tragedy happened, sighing that people only cares about whether can you prove who you are, instead of your story.



Playwright: KUO Chen Wei

I was born in Wan Li district of New Taipei City. After my parents divorced, I lived with my grandmother and moved to Dayuan Township of Taoyuan County. When I was a vocational high school student, my original goal was to be a chef. However, around ten years ago, I suddenly developed a strong interest and fascination for dramas. Because of this, I started to work as an actor in the theatre. I was determined to become a professional theatre worker to express my way of thinking and views about this world. I loved to take on challenges and enjoyed working in various positions in the theatre, such as director, actor, crew, writer and artistic administrator. My goal is not only to seek the meaning of life persistently but also to keep trying something new to make this world a better place.



Dramaturg: Betty Yichun CHEN

Born in 1983 in Taipei, Betty is a dramaturg and translator (Chinese/English/German). She studied English literature and theatre studies in Taipei and Bochum. Since 2009, she has translated a dozen of contemporary plays from German into Chinese, including authors such as Elfriede Jelinek, Dea Loher and Roland Schimmelpfennig. She has worked intensively with the Taipei Arts Festival as interpreter and dramaturg for the co-productions between Taiwan and Germany from 2012 to 2015. Her contribution as translator goes beyond the linguistic level and involved communication between different cultures and procedures. She has also co-organized various workshops and lectures on documentary theatre practices and dramaturgy in this framework. She also works as independent dramaturg and collaborates with artists/groups such as On & On Theatre Workshop, Vee Leong, Snow Huang, Fangas Nayaw and Christine Umpfenbach. Since 2019, she was commissioned as dramaturg for several new productions in Taipei Arts Festival. Her translation of DRAMATURGY IN THE MAKING: A User's Guide for Theatre Practitioners by Katalin Trencsényi is the first book on contemporary dramaturgy in the Chinese speaking world.



Director: Shih-Hue TU

Shih-Hue received her M.F.A. from Sarah Lawrence College (New York) in 1997, and has produced, written, directed and performed for the Playbox Ensemble Theatre since 1998 and as a guest artist to work with other contemporary Taiwan theatre companies. She was awarded the British Council Arts Scholarship of 2001 and 2004 International Artist-in-Resident Program (Australia) held by Taipei Artist Village. Three of her works have been published and produced, Breakfast For One in 2002, A Voyage To The Island ~ A Solo Operetta in 2003 with its premier production in the same year and re-creation in Avignon Off 2010 and A l’Est du Nouveau 2012, Road Kill in 2007. In 2008, she published a book Solo Performance that is so far the only book discussed on this particular subject in Mandarin speaking society. She now is an assistant professor of the Department of Theatre Arts at National Sun Yat-sen University.



Creative Team: Department of Theater Arts at National Sun Yat-sen University

參獎作品 Third Prize
Fail by the Eve
劇作家 / Jasmine HAN
Guangxi, CHINA


2021/7/18 Sun. 13:30


CloudTheatre Taiwan


I-Fan HO



Playwright: Jasmine HAN



Dramaturg: Wei-Ger TONG



Director: I-Fan HO

Dr. I-Fan Ho received his PhD in Aberystwyth, University of Wales in UK. He is now an assistant Professor of the Department of Theatre Arts at Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA) in Taiwan, and responsible for the courses about the history of Western drama and theatre, dramaturgy, and research methodology. He is also the author of two books, Things Shakespeare Never did (in Chinese, Taipei, 2016) and Theatre Narratology: Seven theses of Play Analysis (in Chinese, Taipei, 2018), and some articles. According to this background, he is thus better defined as a scholar and teacher and very far from being a director.

Being deficient in practical experiences of directing and visual communications, he is more prone to narrative and oral representations. This might give him an advantageous position of directing play-reading, in which the playwright’s ingenuity is respected first and foremost and actors’ understandings of their lines and characters are expected to come into emphatic beings.

Serving as a dramaturg is the way by which his recent interests in and engagements with theater practices can be attained. The dramaturgical analysis of a play can prompt him to pay more attention to the responses of audience, who, in his view, are supposed to be ordinary people attending theater with a commitment. It is also the principle that guide his directing mindset for tonight’s performance.



Creative Team: Department of Theatre Arts at Taipei National University of the Arts

The Department of Theatre Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts has been the most outstanding training institute in the field of theatre arts. Since its foundation in 1982, faculties, students and graduates from this school have brought forth remarkable developments in the fields of theatre, academics and education. So far, we have two teaching units, which are the Department of Theatre Arts and the Graduate Institute of Theatre Performance and Playwriting. With professional facilities and Theatre Hall, the school provides students with high quality training and practices of theatre production and practicum.

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